The global marketplace is amazingly large.  However, only a handful of US companies take advantage of the global market (only around 1% of US small businesses are exporting).  Most US companies have thus far failed to expand and instead focus their energies and investment only in the US market.  Those companies are missing out on a market containing approximate3ly 95% of the world's population.

With the complexities surrounding international business, it is not hard to imagine why many companies shy away from the global marketplace.  Frequent barriers cited include:

  • Developing a globalization strategy
  • Financing Exports
  • Complicated foreign and domestic regulatory schemes
  • Specialized legal issues between foreign markets
  • Establishing trade channels in foreign markets and vetting buyers/distributors
  • Licensing and protecting intellectual property
  • Packaging Issues
  • Pricing in an international market

While we do not promise to take away all issues, we are your key to global market penetration.

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